We’ll help you heal your body and your mind so you can enjoy food again!


  • Struggling with anxiety and fear around food?

  • Tried Intuitive Eating and it didn’t work for you?


You'll love working with us:




Learn to let go of the need to know “the right thing to eat” and rediscover food by bringing curiosity to each eating opportunity.


Learning what your body needs at your pace. This is your journey and we will work together towards each step as you’re ready.


What you tell yourself while eating matters! The body keeps a score and hears what you say. Establishing trust with your body starts with kindness.


Rediscover what foods bring you real pleasure and honor that relationship. This inclusive relationship with food recognizes the health benefits from all foods and breaks free from feelings of shame or guilt.

Reconnect with Intuitive Eating...

We will start your journey with a comprehensive assessment of your complete medical history, eating habits and preferences, lifestyle, and health goals.

From there we will discuss the development of your relationship with food.

As we begin to decrease emotions surrounding food we’ll increase your physical awareness.

This is how we find what nutrition is for YOU. 

How we work...

How do you feel when you eat a specific food tells us if that food is good for you.

We don’t need scales and nutrition labels to dictate what we eat.

Your body has the ability to tell you what it needs and how much.

We’ll spend time understanding the barriers between your brain and your body communicating to each other and together break them down. We want those two talking! 

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Changing your relationship with food...

Every food has it's place


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